Publicações do IPNI Brasil

As publicações do IPNI sempre foram reconhecidas pela sua qualidade científica e pedagógica, com design gráfico atraente, visando adequado estudo e leitura. Contando com autores de renome nacional e internacional, as publicações tratam de temas ligados às áreas de Nutrição de Plantas, Fertilidade do Solo e Adubos e Adubação. Para acessar a livraria do IPNI basta clicar no link abaixo.


There's WHAT in My Food?

Modern consumers can choose from the most diverse and nutritious array of food products ever, and at affordable prices. There are standards and safeguards established and observed in the entire journey of food from the field to the table. However, there is also confusion and lack of understanding, with some questioning the safety and quality of various food items and production methods. There’s WHAT in My Food? is a 24-page, 8 1/2 x 11-inch publication which seeks to address some of the questions about modern crop nutrients and production practices.

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